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Start the year with a fresh outlook and take advantage of your new insurance benefits. Discover if your insurance plan covers orthodontic treatment and explore the additional savings potential of using your FSA or HSA account. Our dedicated team will assist you in understanding your coverage, making treatments affordable for your family.

Success Stories

“Being very frightened and nervous in the beginning, our daughter was a challenge to work on to say the least, but Dr. Loyacona and his staff gained her trust, calmed her down, and made her feel at ease.”
Emily S.
“Fantastic service, care, and most importantly, results! My wife and I both had excellent results, so now we're taking all our children there. The Doctor and staff do an amazing job from start to finish!”
Joshua H.
“My daughter had a complex case, and he always made things easy for her to understand. She now aspires to be an orthodontist, and I know it stemmed from him! His staff is courteous, and you’ll love his office!”
“Dr. Loyacona did an amazing job on my daughter. She had her braces for 4 years. His office on Rodi Rd. runs very efficiently. He has excellent interpersonal skills, and I highly recommend him!”
Cheryl J.
“My son recently got his braces on. We have been treated wonderfully during every visit we've had. From the consultation to fixing the braces, and every appointment afterward, we’ve been taken care of quickly."
Amanda P.
“My daughter gets extremely anxious and nervous. I called Dorothy to tell her how my daughter is. She was helpful and made sure that my daughter was comfortable with everything.”
Cori S.